Are You An Institution? We Have Solutions

SmartJailMail is a story of old fashion American ingenuity. Taking an old system of communication and making it faster, cleaner, and cheaper with benefits to all involved. Eliminating a major headaches and replacing it with a strong and steady stream of revenue while going green in the process. Inmate morale improves as they are connected with family and friends. Electronic tools assist jail staff and help streamline and automate tasks and reduce paper use.

Why SmartJailMail?

  • Generates a new steady stream of revenue to the institution
  • NO capital outlay for the institution
  • Reduces labor costs
  • Safe & Secure

Some Key Features...

  • We install and maintain our own kiosk network inside the jail; no capital outlay
  • Secure, monitored electronic messaging between inmates and friends and family
  • Optional ability to accept and review photos from family members to inmates
  • Optional request/grievance module to automate request/grievance management
  • Optional commissary ordering module to manage electronic commissary orders
  • Many tools for jail staff and law enforcement
  • Granular controls over every aspect of the system

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